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Theme 1

Mermaid Theme

Calling all fans of land and sea. This mermaid theme will make you feel like you’re under water, right at home. With bold and bedazzled colors, and sequin pillows, some of the best memories will be created. With a customizable letter board we can write anything to match this mermaid theme.

Theme 2

Unicorn Theme

Anyone who says they don’t believe in Unicorns, is missing out. Because The Happy Glampers love to make Unicorn dreams come true with this rainbow Unicorn filled sleep over. With Unicorn themed pillows, unique blanket designs, the gorgeous rainbow rug ties the whole theme together. Trust me, you will be walking out of this party repeating, “wishes do come true.”

Theme 3

L.O.L. Theme

Calling all of our B.B.s! We decked the halls with LOL decor to make your “not so little” girl’s perfect LOL sleep over party come true. We are bringing it with the large card board cut outs, bold and colorful decor, and your favorite LOL designs on pillows, it will feel like you’re in one of the LOL doll houses!

Theme 4

The Era's Tour

Step into Taylor Swift's musical universe with our "Eras Tour" themed slumber party! From her country beginnings to her latest chart-topping hits, each tent is a tribute to a different era in Taylor's iconic career. Dive into cozy comfort surrounded by pillows and blankets featuring lyrics and album art. Get ready for a Swiftie-approved night of karaoke battles, lyric writing sessions, and themed crafts inspired by her music videos. It's a heartfelt celebration of Taylor Swift's incredible journey through music!

Theme 5


Step into our Earthy Elegance Oasis, where neutral tones and natural elements blend harmoniously to create a serene Boho experience. Each tent is adorned with earthy-toned pillows and blankets, complemented by subtle rainbow accents and succulent motifs that exude a tranquil vibe. Yarn tassels and fringe add a touch of rustic elegance while the gentle sway of dried pampas grass infuses the space with dreamy, bohemian vibes. Fairy lights twinkle amidst the soothing ambiance, setting the stage for a night of relaxation and connection.

Theme 6

Game Over

Level up your sleepover experience with our Game Over theme! Immerse yourself in a world of pixels and controllers. Neon lights and LED accents set the mood, creating a high-energy gaming atmosphere. Each tent is equipped with gaming-themed pillows and pixelated blankets for maximum comfort. With iconic console controller decor, get ready for a night filled with epic quests and multiplayer fun. Whether you're a fan of retro games or the latest releases, this slumber party is a gamer's dream come true!

Theme 7

Hocus Pocus

Enter our Witching Hour Retreat for a spellbinding Hocus Pocus-themed slumber party! Each tent is a realm of mystical enchantment, adorned with eerie yet playful decor inspired by the Sanderson sisters. Expect pillows and blankets featuring bewitching motifs and mystical symbols. Flickering candles and mystical potion bottles create an atmosphere of spooky delight.

Theme 8

Winter Wonderland

Welcome to our Frosty Haven Retreat, where the enchantment of a Winter Wonderland awaits! Each tent is a cozy haven adorned with snowflake-adorned pillows and blankets, evoking the charm of a snowy landscape. Delicate winter-themed ornaments hang, casting a magical glimmer throughout the space. White tea light candle lanterns, arranged on trays, offer a warm and inviting glow, reminiscent of a starry winter night.

Theme 9


Welcome to Squishmallow Paradise, where cozy comfort and adorable plushies await! Each tent is a snuggly haven adorned with delightful Squishmellows, offering companionship and cuddles throughout the night. The brightly colored fuzzy carpet provides a playful and inviting atmosphere, perfect for squishing around with your new fluffy friends. White trays with tea light lanterns add a touch of warmth and glow to the vibrant setting, creating a cozy ambiance.

Theme 10


Welcome to our Central Perk Retreat, where the spirit of friendship from the iconic TV show Friends comes to life! Each tent is a cozy haven adorned with Friends-themed pillows, invoking the nostalgic charm of the beloved series. On every tray, find a coffee mug bearing the name of the legendary Central Perk coffee shop, just like in the show. The atmosphere is buzzing with camaraderie, laughter, and the warmth of cherished memories.

Theme 11

Harry Potter

Welcome to our Wizarding World Retreat, where the magic of Harry Potter comes alive! Each tent is adorned with Harry Potter-themed pillows, inviting guests into the enchanting world of Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat awaits to determine your Hogwarts house, while wands and house banners add an air of authenticity to the atmosphere. Floating candles create an ethereal glow, mimicking the Great Hall's magical ceiling.

Theme 12

Glitz & Glam

Welcome to our Glamour Haven Affair, where elegance meets extravagance in a dazzling display of glitz and glam! Each tent is a luxurious retreat adorned with themed pillows exuding a chic and girly vibe, featuring plush textures and vibrant colors of pink and black. Fuzzy pillows add a touch of lavish comfort, while black tea light lanterns cast a sophisticated glow throughout the space.

Theme 13


Welcome to our Wilderness Retreat, where the call of the great outdoors beckons! Each tent is a rustic haven adorned with themed pillows featuring bears and wooden motifs, capturing the essence of nature. Silver tea light lanterns flicker, casting a serene glow reminiscent of starry nights in the wilderness. Other outdoor-themed accents adorn the trays, bringing the spirit of the wild into your cozy retreat.

Theme 14


Welcome to our Gabby's Dollhouse Adventure, where whimsy and wonder await at every tent! Each cozy space is adorned with themed pillows inspired by Gabby's world, bursting with vibrant colors and playful designs. Fuzzy pillows and carpets add an extra layer of comfort, inviting guests into a world of snuggly fun. White tea light lanterns on trays create a magical ambiance, illuminating the space with a gentle glow.

Theme 15

Circus Party

Step right up to our Big Top Spectacular, where the magic of the circus awaits! Each tent is a vibrant spectacle adorned with circus-themed pillows, featuring bold reds, blacks, and touches of shimmering gold for a touch of grandeur. Black fuzzy pillows and cozy red blankets create a cozy yet theatrical ambiance, reminiscent of the classic circus colors.

Theme 16

Glow Crazy

Welcome to our Neon Nights Escape, where the world comes alive in a mesmerizing glow! Each tent is a radiant haven adorned with blacklight-reactive pillows and banners that pop with vibrant neon colors, creating an otherworldly ambiance under the fluorescent glow. The trays at each tent hold fiber optic lights, adding an extra layer of mesmerizing glow to the surroundings.

Theme 17


Welcome to our Festive Holiday Hideaway, where the magic of Christmas fills the air! Each tent is a cozy retreat adorned with plaid blankets that exude warmth, complemented by pillows featuring delightful peppermint and Christmas tree motifs, bringing the holiday spirit to life. Silver tea light lanterns cast a soft glow, adding a touch of enchantment to the festive atmosphere. Garland adorns the front edge of the tents, evoking the traditional charm of Christmas decor.

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